About Us

Our Business

Established in 1999, the Stagen Leadership Academy trains leaders who are committed to long-term personal development and using their organizational platforms for positive impact. We specialize in delivering high accountability programs for leaders serious about changing themselves as well their organizations. Our members reject conventional “silver bullet” approaches to leadership development and choose the path of disciplined practice.

Our Philosophy

In 387 BC, Plato established the first university in the Western world, called the “Academy.” 
He based it on the notion that each person has the potential for greatness born of self-knowledge. Inspired by this classical Greek approach, our training programs are designed to expand a leader’s capacity for wisdom, compassion, and courage.

Playing The Long Game

Our members come from every corner of North America, representing hundreds of companies, dozens of industries, and thousands of employees. Within this diversity lies one unifying principle: a commitment to playing the long game. In a world consumed with exit strategies and short-term thinking, our members differentiate themselves by embracing the power of what’s possible through time.

At Stagen, we’re committed to the rare breed of leader who envisions the work to be done over ten, twenty, or even thirty years — thinking in decades, not years. We serve Conscious Capitalists who recognize the power of indefinite time horizons, and who feel called to use their organizational platforms for long-term positive impact.

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